Versa Converging Chest Press

Počeli smo tako što smo se uronili u višestruko iskustvo modernog veslanja, interakciju sa korisnicima, intervjuisanje vlasnika klubova, rad sa instruktorima i posmatranje veslanja u zatvorenom na raznim mestima. Jedan od naših stručnjaka za proizvode je čak stekao sertifikat instruktora veslanja. Odmah smo otkrili da časovi sa flotom veslača koji rade unisono mogu biti izuzetno glasni. Dok je zatamnjeno okruženje klase pružalo prepoznatljivo iskustvo vežbanja, takođe je činilo konzole teškim za čitanje. U multimodalnim stazama, činilo se da većina veslača nije izgrađena dovoljno čvrsta ili pametna za stalan tok korisnika koji se kreće brzinom i intenzitetom.

    Versa Converging Chest Press

    Make building and toning major chest muscles efficient and comfortable for virtually anyone with our Versa Converging Chest Press station. It’s specifically designed for easy entry and exit, and an adjustable start position helps all the different people you serve find the right range of motion. It includes independent converging movement for a path of motion that’s both natural and comfortable.

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    A Collection Right For You

    Bring your vision of fitness to life with the Versa Series. Our most versatile series gives you the options to build a strength training area that fits your space and the needs of your members in a beautifully precise way. The Versa Series offers a wide range of options, so you can assemble a collection just right for your space, members and budget.






    Heavy vs Standard Weight

    The Versa Series offers a wide range of options, like standard or heavy weight stacks- so you can assemble a collection just right for your space, members and budget.

    Back-To-Back Configuration

    Versa machines can be oriented back-to-back with user entry facing the same direction in order to reduce the overall footprint of the equipment, minimizing traffic flow through a facility.

    Versa Converging Chest Press


    72 kg


    139.3 x 134.7 x 167.1 cm


    2.3 kg



    Action Specific Grips

    Ergonomically designed to reduce stress on contact points while enhancing feel and form.

    Gas-Assisted Seat Adjustment

    Offers smooth, instant adjustment, with a 4-bar linkage for increased stability.


    Electronic Rep Counter/Timer

    Tracks reps, activity time and rest time for a streamlined workout experience.

    Decorative Top Wing

    Bottle holder, storage area, and towel holder

    Ergonomic Stack

    The entire Versa series strength line has a consistent 63” stack height allowing your facility to have a sleek, uniform look.

    Incremental Weight

    Easy to access and reference from the seated position.

    Exercise Placard

    Conveniently located and easy to read exercise placards offer a quick reference to targeted muscle groups and proper machine use. Placards also offer color references to easily identify muscle-group categories.

    Foot Support

    The foot support kit accommodates users of all sizes for additional lower body support.